Getting the best out of a storm

In the run up to Christmas there has been some amount of stormy weather. This can remind us of how powerful mother nature can be; and in some cases devastatingly so.

Thankfully though in the majority of cases it is possible to cope with the wind, rain and power cuts brought about by falling trees. These trees can then provide you with the fuel to heat your home in the years to come. Whether it is for a biomass log boiler or just a wood burning stove, one way to make the best of a storm is to look at it as a free supply of fuel for next year Not many thing in life are free, so you have to grab them when you can.

With fossil fuel costs continuously rising, storing windfall wood can be a real bonus, and by burning this wood you are making way for future growth. Since newly planted trees absorb large amount of CO2, this means that you are reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Then when coupled with the changes to the renewable heat incentive tariffs coming in in April, the logs you store this winter can help you in more ways than one next year. All this gives you food for thought, when you are out walking off the indulgences of Christmas dinner over the festive season. Then what could be more welcoming after a long walk on a cold and frosty day, than an efficient stove, burning brightly with a basket of muffins ready to toast?