Prima Flue

8-127733649120111216171534 (2)Prima Smooth 1mm is a  316L stainless steel single wall flue system. It’s specifically designed for connecting solid fuel appliances to existing brick stacks or a twin wall stainless steel chimney. It provides internal fluing of domestic wood burning, coal and multi-fuel stoves and boilers with operating temperatures up to 540°C; and for short firing up to 760°C.

It can also be used for lining brick stacks for gas, oil, multi-fuel appliances and open fires as an alternative to flexible liner.

This is the flue we use to connect the stove to the closure plate when the stove is installed in an inglenook.

By adding a gasket to the joint, Prima Plus is also designed for flueing condensing gas and oil appliances with positive pressures up to 200Pa, continuous operating temperatures up to 160°C and short firing up to 200°C.

  • 316 1mm stainless steel single skin construction
  • For use as a connecting flue pipe and liner
  • Residential and commercial installations
  • Multi-fuel applications
  • Diameters from 100mm to 300mm
  • CE Approved EN 1856-2 Designation T600 N1 D V3 L50 G400

8-39234512420111217225014Product Description

  • Advanced corrosion-resistant design and construction using 1mm 316L continuously-welded stainless steel. It is the only stainless steel system to have passed the internationally-recognised GASTEC corrosion test
  • Engineered-tolerance joint simply push-fits together giving exceptional load bearing capacity. Optionally, a locking band can be fitted for extra joint security
  • Inward bead on the male joint spigot acts as a capillary break preventing moisture being drawn through the joint
  • Adjustable 0-90° elbows quickly solve alignment problems on installation of flue runs
  • Can be painted
  • For condensing appliances a gasket is fitted to the inward bead of the male joint
  • Use as an alternative to vitreous enamelled flue pipes