Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers are green, easy to live with and convenient. They function just like fossil fuel boilers – but much more cleanly. This means it is possible to retro-fit a wood pellet boiler to a fossil fuel system as a stand-alone heat source – or have the two working alongside each other. Features such as automatic transport of pellets to the combustion chamber, automatic ignition, self activated cleaning and large ash containers are established hallmarks of the modern HDG Pelletronic boiler control. Pellet boilers are astonishingly efficient, with advanced combustion technology and thermostatic controls ensuring that none of the energy produced is wasted. HDG Compact boilers have Lambda combustion control technology for constant, precise heat performance. Wood Pellets Pellets are made of 100% natural wood. Shavings and sawdust are compressed under high pressure and pressed into small cylindrical rolls and held together by lignin, contained naturally in the wood. This results in a clean, convenient fuel with a high calorific value and very low ash content (0.2%). Every year, more wood is renewed than is consumed. All of these facts are what makes the most convenient of all wood fuels such an interesting alternative in terms of both ecology and economy.

The Mechanical Integrity of the HDG Pellet Boilers

  • The engineering innovations of the HDG Pelletmaster for maximum quality and reliability.
  • Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger surfaces.
  • Tried and tested step grate technology prevents the formation of slag; the grate movement provides for automatic ash clearing into a removable container.
  • Automatic ignition via hot air blowers provides for an efficient, short ignition phase and fast heating up to the operating temperature.
  • The pellet management system has been designed to ensure minimum wear and energy expenditure.
  • Unique combustion and performance control due to the combination of combustion chamber temperature. sensor and Lambda sensor, giving a system that is emission and performance co-ordinated
  • The Lambda sensor is mounted in a protected position, for the longest life possible.
  • A precision designed cellular wheel sluice, together with existing pressure compensation reliably prevents back-burn and escape of low-temperature gas.

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