Boiler Stoves

Charnwood SLX wellyBoiler stoves work as part of a three part system.

Part 1. Your Boiler Stove

Part 2. A new hot water tank

Part 3. A conventional boiler

When a stove is running and generating hot water the domestic hot water boiler (oil, gas, LPG or electric) is not required. With a modern hot water cylinder it is possible to store the hot water required for central heating and domestic hot water many hours before this is needed. This means that an hour before you get up in the morning and for 4-6 hours after that the central heating requirement is met buy your log burning stove that was being used the day before. With many of our hot water cylinders (buffer tanks or small accumulator tank) the average heat loss runs to around 1 degree every 24 hours.

We would recommend that the new water tank has a solar coil in it to allow for connection to Solar Thermal Panels. Should you wish to install them at some point.

There are a number of brands that make boiler stoves. For more information you can look at these models.



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Island 3B

Country Series

Country 16B

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Cove 2B



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Spartherrm Varia

Spatherrm Varia

Senso M H20

Senso M H20