Log Boilers

Loading logsModern split log boilers provide clean, efficient and intelligent heating.

In addition to logs. log boilers can burn clean wood waste, with the efficiency of combustion controlled by an on-board system controller – with a lambda sensor to monitor the oxygen concentration and temperature of the exhaust gases.

These boilers have large hopper and fuel chamber capacities maximise the time between refueling – capacities range from 150 to 340 litres, with loading from either the front or top.

Typically refuelling in winter will happen once a day – in colder areas you may need to refuel twice – so fuelling chamber size is a key factor when making your choice of boiler.

The split log boiler range has all energy outputs from 20Kw to 250Kw. Whether heating a home or community centre, commercial premises or large agricultural buildings the same principles of engineered excellence apply to each boiler in the range.

These are robust, precision-engineered boilers, designed to run 24/7 at 90% efficiency and with minimal emissions. More hot water is produced than is immediately needed during combustion, so the excess is transferred to an accumulator tank where it’s stored until it’s needed.

For  decades HDG has been a leader in the manufacture and distribution of split log boilers, with over 2,000 boiler installations that have been running for over 10 years. 

With the combination of knowledge and experience provided by HDG to draw on means we can cover every aspect of the planning needed for your boiler installation, ensuring that you get exactly the right solution for your specific heating requirements.

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