Piazzetta Pellet Stoves

StufePelletPellets are an ecological fuel par excellence. They’re practical, easy to handle, store and produce heat without harming the environment. Piazzetta pellet stoves guarantee self-regulating capacity as well as practical ignition and programming management.


Perfect warmth from the floor to the ceiling.

Standard on all models, Multifuoco System® is an extraordinary forced ventilation system with various speed settings which, together with many power levels, offering up to 20 combinations of operation. Multifuoco System® allows the heat produced by the stove to be distributed evenly throughout the room and also in adjacent rooms. To ensure maximum heat efficiency, the fans continue to work even after the stove has been turned off.

Two independent fans.

To obtain the best warm air flow in various rooms, pellet stoves are fitted with a double fan. The capacity of the two fans can be modulated separately according to the length of ducting This means you can use the two fans for separate management of different temperatures, for example, for the daytime living area and for the sleeping area in your home.

Saving in all comfort.

The LCD remote control with Multi-comfort function gives you control over the temperature in the room where the stove is installed or in adjacent rooms. The remote control also acts as a timer thermostat offering weekly, daily and weekend programming options.

Switching on and off by SMS.


An interface that can be connected to the electronic board, letting you control your stove even when away from home by sending a simple SMS available upon request.

More than 46 hours of burn time with 60kg of pellets.


Tests carried out in Piazzetta laboratories have shown that pellet stoves with a high capacity hopper can boast an outstandingly long burn time up to 4 days without being refueled.

Sturdiness Guarantee

Door, firebox and brazier can be up to 15 mm thick. Such thickness guarantees that the stove is structurally very robust and will have a long life.

Ventilated ceramic glass.


Air flows constantly over the ceramic glass, which is heat resistant up to 750°C, and in so doing helps to keep it clean. The large door allows for a pleasant and relaxing view of the fire.

Maintenance couldn’t be easier.

The cyclic system for cleaning the brazier while the stove is in operation optimizes combustion and efficiency. Routine maintenance when the stove is cold therefore becomes much simpler and more straightforward.

Oven with remote control.

Piazzetta also offers pellet stoves with an oven. A remote control can be used to manage the oven temperature and timer functions with which you can set the required cooking conditions.


Wellbeing in the home is essential. The stainless steel humidifier has been conceived to let you obtain the degree of humidity you need for a comfortable environment. To increase the feeling of wellbeing, just add an aromatic essence to the water.

Complete cycle test.

Every stove undergoes a stringent final test and inspection, which simulates ignition and operation before being put on the market. That is because quality comes first and foremost for Piazzetta.



Piazzetta pellet stoves are constantly monitored by the electronic board so that you can always rest assured they are working properly. Any malfunction is shown with easy identifiable messages on the remote control display.


Automatic re-start.

The innovative Piazzetta’s safety system is a further guarantee for your tranquility. In cases of brief power outage, the stove, after shut off will re-start automatically without your intervention. Accidental door opening is also covered by Piazzetta’s safety system, as it will shut off the stove automatically.

Easy and safe pellet refill.

The top of the models P958, P963, P963 Thermo is mounted on track so that it can be simply slid back for easy refilling of the pellet hopper. There is no metal in sight to spoil the attractive appearance of the majolica.

On the following pages we show a few of them, contact us for more information.


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