Morso have been making cast-iron wood burning stoves for a long time now – more than 150 years. If you asked 100 Danes to name a make of wood burning stove, more than 90 of them would say “Morsø” – and with good reason. They’re timeless and modern at the same time efficient and cosy. This manufacturer also has a reputation for really looking after their customers.

On the one side, there’s talk about CO2 and global warming. On the other, there’s the recurring debate about soot, which, along with harmless water vapour, is contained in the smoke emitted from any wood-burning stove.

Being environmentally friendly isn’t just about reducing carbon dioxide emissions. There is an ongoing debate about soot which, together with water vapour, makes up the smoke emitted from any wood burning stove.

When Morso develop their wood burners they do so from an eco-friendly point of view.

Modern Morsø stoves, if used correctly, are among the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world, and we can prove it. They have demonstrably reduced the emission of particles to an absolute minimum using refined combustion technology and advanced purification systems. They make a wide range of DEFRA-approved wood burning stoves for use in smoke-free zones. Their stoves adhere to the strict requirements of the Clean Air Act 1993.