Passive House

Stoves can be used in passive houses.

Stoves like the Stuv 30 give the following guidance for Low-energy houses using an external air inlet under the stove.

The generation before us didn’t ask as many questions as we do when installing a fireplace. These days, we have to consider a lot of different factors, such as the air-tightness of the house and air-flow management.
How can we know we’re making the right choices?
Under what circumstances is the installation of an air inlet useful, or even essential?

It is quite simple :
-on the one hand, stoves consume air for combustion
-on the other, homes are becoming increasingly airtight (to improve energy efficiency). This seems to leave us with a deadlock.

However, once we understand these 2 mechanisms, it’s much easier to find the right solution for each situation. The Stûv 30 is fitted with an external air inlet under the stove.
It is completely suitable for very airtight homes as well as for passive houses.
In France, it is BBC-Effinergie compatible. Talk to your installation engineer, the most important partner in your project.
Stuv 30

(Table courtesy of Stuv)