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Charnwood Island II long leg

In this world where the cost of fuel is rising, due to the cost involved of finding and extracting enough fossil fuels to meet demand, it is great to know there is a way to heat your home that uses an easily sustainable fuel.

It won’t break the bank and in fact will give you a fast return on your investment, whilst at same time helping the environment.

Wood Burning stoves are attractive to look at and efficient. In addition to which by burning wood not only is their fuel source easily sustainable, but it also provides a way of cleaning the air we breathe. This is because trees consume as much, if not more, CO2 when they are growing than when they are burning. So by using a wood burning stove and, or a log burning biomass boiler to heat your home you are reducing your carbon footprint, in a very cost effective manner.

This means that the fossil fuel reserves we do have can go further and be preserved for future generations. So by using a wood burning stove, or log biomass boiler you are playing your part in managing a sustainable environment.