A clean conscience that is environmentally profitable.

As discussed in previous posts there is no reason why by doing your part and burning wood on the stove you relax in front of; you should not have a clean conscience.   A lot of the  stoves that we at the Scottish stove Centre sell lead the way in terms of environmentally conscious technology due to their clean burn.

This means that when the wood is burned, gases and particles are released, which instead of being sent up the chimney as they would be in an open fire in the form of smoke and soot. They are burned by adding extra heated air just above the fire. This gets a great deal more from the wood, up to 90% more with some stoves, when they are burning at their optimal performance.

Such developments in burning technology have reduced the amount of fuel required to produce the desired amount of heat, when compared to earlier non-clean burning fireplaces. This means that provided you burn your stove in the correct way you can use about half of the wood you would have burnt on an open fire, or older stove. This naturally saves you money.

The saving when compared to other ways of heating your home is not insignificant. Currently according to the Nottingham Energy Partnership (February 2014) the average costs of fuels typically used to heat properties is:-

Electricity costs 16.18p per kWh,

LPG costs 7.09p per kWh

Seasoned Wood costs 5.20p per kWh

Bituminous Coal costs 6.01p per kWh

Smokeless Coal costs 9.11p per kWh

Some stoves such as Jotul are produced from recycled materials such as iron and steel that are melted down before being reused. Thereby saving the worlds’ resources.

When coupled with the fact that wood is a replaceable fuel, and when new trees are planted they help clean the air. By burning wood you are making way for new trees to be planted, saving money and the earths resources.