10 Reasons why Woodburning stoves are good.

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There is nothing quite like a controllable wood burning stove to create both ambience and warmth in your home. As well as offering the perfect focal point for your home there are many reasons for choosing a wood burning stove. The top ten of which are possibly:-

1. A pleasure to use.

He who chops wood is twice warmed. Wood is a great material to work with and easy to store. Provided you have wood that is sufficiently dry it makes for a great fire and provides great warmth.

2. Wood is renewable

Rather than using a fossil fuel such as coal, which takes years to form, wood is easily replaced provided  for every tree  cut down, one is planted.

3. Less work

As I have said in previous posts,  coal fires require cleaning out every day as opposed to a wood burning stove with which it is a good idea to let a layer of ash build up. This provides a layer of insulation for the base of the stove and also a layer of trapped air to help with the initial combustion.

4. Controllability

The more air you let a fire use the more heat you loose up the chimney. A wood burning stove has a solid base as it doesn’t need as much air because, provide the wood has a moisture content of 15% or less, then once the initial combustion has occurred the logs will provide the air for secondary combustion. This means that you can control the air going in with a wood burning stove so that the smouldering and lightly flaming logs can provide a surprisingly great amount of heat.

5. Mesmeric flame

When you come in from a stressful day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than the mesmeric, relaxing effect of flames in a controlled box. Who needs Gin?

6. Save money

By having my stove on more last year I saved £20 a month off my electricity bill. The wood I put in it cost me a lot less than that every month.

7. Clean

The stoor that is created by an open fire is immense, as it burns away; never mind how much is created when you are cleaning it out every day.  Since you don’t clean out a wood burning stove everyday, and all the stoves we sell have excellent air wash technology. You get a great clean  view of the fire with very little dust.

8. Good for the environment

There is really no better way of cleaning the environment of all the Carbon Dioxide that we all put out there than planting new trees. In order to plant new trees people like the forestry commission need to make way for them by felling others. This wood is then sent to make timber for houses, or collected by people with scavengers licenses.  So by burning wood on your fire your are helping with Forestry Management and the Ozone layer.

9. Added Value,

This one is somewhat subjective, but it could be viewed by a potential purchaser of your house that the house is more eco-friendly; and therefore worth more. So lighting a fire when you have a viewing could be more effective that having the smell of freshly baked bread wafting round the house.

10. More optional extras.

If you have the right equipment you may be able to cook on an open fire, but in most cases roasting chestnuts maybe the extent of what most people do.  With a  cooking top stove you can make pancakes on it (or drop scones), amongst other things. With the right stove you can also connect it up to a system and heat 6-8 radiators.

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