Jotul F118

F118_BP_Int_05__thumbJotul F 118 is a timeless classic that has been upgraded to include clean burn technology and new details. Originally designed in the 1930’s by the famous artist Ørnulf Bast, amongst others. The wood stove has a deep combustion chamber that can take logs up to 60 cm in length and offers exceptionally long burn time. On the top it has a practical cooking plate.

“I bury my fire.” An ancient Norwegian prayer to the fire is written on the front of the wood stove. The prayer was believed to keep fire and the dark forces away from the house and it was used in large parts of the country probably for several hundred years. The prayer also carries a religious element as fire was believed to be the strongest tool to fight off the dark forces.

                                                               Dimension:H – 785mm, W -361mm, D – 734mm

                                                                    Power: Min: 4kw   Norm: 7kw   Max: 11kw

                                                         Flue: 125mm diameter which exits out of the  top, rear or side

                                                                                           Finish: Matt

                                                                                          Colour:  Black

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