Dunsley Highlander 7 Enviro-burn Solo Stove

highlander7bigThe Highlander 7 Enviro-Burn Solo uses the enviro-burn clean combustion with tertiary and air wash air supply to provide a clear view of the flames.

It is a DEFRA approved free standing stove constructed from 4mm and 10mm steel and cast iron. It incorporates both rear and top flue outlets, and has a firebox that is lined with extra high density refractory boards with a black metallic finish.

The handles are either black, brass or polished steel with a canopy supplied on request.

The Highlander Enviro-Burn 7 Solo has two combustion controls, so that the best setting for you will be easily found using the slide to the most suitable position.

When burning wood the output is 4.9Kw and the stove is 78.9% efficient.

When burning anthracite the3 output is 5.0 Kw and the stove is 74.8 % efficient.