Dunsley Highlander 7

highlander7bigThe Highlander 7 meets the relevant British standards for the whole of the UK and has been developed using the best burning technology to give a stove with a clean burn and high efficiency.
The Super Air Wash System keeps the glass clean to give a full view of the superb flame pattern created as the flames rise to meet the incoming air, this causes secondary combustion to take place, resulting in clean burn with dancing flames.

The Highlander 7 can burn logs up to 360mm long or any other solid fuel including peat, coal, coal briquettes and all HETAS approved smokeless fuels.

Points of note
* The Highlander 7 is also available with steel or stainless steel 3KW boiler.
* An automatic door safety device is fitted which prevents the bottom door opening before the top door is open. This prevents serious over firing when removing ashes from below the grate.
* A matching canopy is available on request.
* The Highlander 7 is also available with top or rear flue outlet.

This stove is available with a 3Kw boiler.

The output of this stove 1.75 Kw minimum and 7 Kw Maximum, and when with a boiler it gives 4Kw to the room and 3 Kw to the boiler.