Dunsley Highlander 5

highlander5stoveThe Highlander 5 is a wood burning Multifuel stove that has been developed  using the same superb burning technology as the Highlander 7. It has a great air wash system and a shaker system.

It can take logs up to 280mm in length.

The Highlander 5 comes with solid brass handles as standard, with black handles available on request.

There is a single door to open for re-fuelling and removing the ashes, which automatically provide safety precautions to prevent over-firing.

This stove has two combustion controls to control the burning rate, and is 70% efficient.

Its output is Minimum 1.3Kw and the Maximum is 5 Kw

It is also available with a 2KW boiler with which the output is 3 Kw to the room and 2 Kw to the boiler.