Dunsley Highlander 3 Enviro-burn

highlander3stoveThe Highlander 3 Enviro-Burn stove is a freestanding wood burning Multifuel stove that and its enviro-burn combustion and airwash means that you get a clear view of the flames.

Since it is DEFRA exempt which means that it can be installed in smoke control zones.

It is made using 4mm and 10mm steel and cast iron, and incorporates a both a rear and top flue outlet.

Other options include black, brass or polished steel handles, and a canopy option.

The one door means that refuelling and ash removal is simple, and no safety precautions are required to prevent overfiring of fuel when removing the ash from below the grate.

The Highlander 3 can take logs up to 250mm in length.

When burning Logs or anthracite the output of this stove is 3.7Kw.