Clearview 750

Clearview 750

Clearview 750

“A beautiful modern stove with two large Clearview doors for maximum viewing and a large hot plate for coffee pot or kettle. There is also a hot ‘airwash system’ which keeps the glass clean, and ensures the fire is nearly attendance free.” 

Dimension: H – 1175mm, W – 755mm, D – 440mm                     

Power: Min: 2.5kw   Max: 14kw

                                                   Fuel: Wood & Smokeless Coal

                                                    Finish: Matt

                                                        Colour: B,BL,G, BR

                                                    Boiler: Hot Water And Central Heating


                                                          * high and Low canopy Options * Smoke control exempt                                                             Additional cost applied * Call for further details 

                                                      Weight: 162kg