Chesney Milan 4 Passive

MilanThe Milan 4 passive incorporates all you’d expect from a Chesney stove. It has an efficiency rating of 80%, and is DEFRA exempt.

The Milan can be installed in unusually close proximity to combustible material enabling its use in situations where other stoves cannot be used.

The performance, efficiency and versatility that the Milan 4 Passive stove offers is further enhanced by an entirely unique feature. The growing requirement for efficient energy conservation in new house building is well documented and in response to this both house builders and buyers are exploring the air tight option. Building regulations now prescribe that new build houses must achieve air permeability of no more than 5 cubic metres. The Milan 4 Passive makes a unique contribution to this process as it is the only stove independently tested that can be safely installed in an air tight environment.

By using a dedicated external air supply to the stove, fresh air is automatically introduced to create a curtain of air that seals the stove chamber when the door is opened for re-fuelling. In independent tests the stove door remained open for up to three minutes and during this period emissions of only 2 parts per million of carbon monoxide were recorded. By contrast when re-fuelling of a conventional stove takes place carbon monoxide emissions into the room are completely unchecked.

The colour options are black, sage green, atlantic blue, terracotta and silver finish.

It is also available as a 6KW multi-fuel stove.