Charnwood Island 1

_Charnwood Island I_Charnwood Island Blue pThe Island 1 has double doors with high leg and store stand options.The single Quattroflow air control ensures it is very simple to operate and combined with its revolutionary grate the stove offers optimum, clean-burn efficiency.

The Island stoves can be fitted with a smoke reducing (SR) kit allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas and making them DEFRA exempted appliances.


Model:                Charnwood Island 1

Fuel:                    Multi-Fuel

Heat Output:       2-7 kW, Nominal 5 kW                   

Features:            Colours:   Black, Blue, Brown, Green Almond, Bronze, Gunmetal & Pewter.

                             Leg Options: Low legs, High legs, Store stand.

                              Smoke reducing kit.

                              Heat Shield.

                              Panel Pack (stove colours)

                               High Efficiency @ 77.9%

                               DEFRA Approved

Standard Sizes:   H 579 mm x W 565 mm x D 439 mm

Flue Diameter:   150mm

Standard Weight: 130 Kg

Maximum Log Length: 370mm

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