Charnwood Tor Pico

_Charnwood Tor-Pico-product-shot HRThis stylish looking multi-fuel stove that comes with the Quatroflow air management System, also has a cool to touch handle for safe easy reloading. In addition to this it has a built in external air manifold.



Model:                Charnwood Tor PICO

Fuel:                    Multi-Fuel

Heat Output:       2-7 kW, Nominal 5 kW                   

Features:            Colours:   Black.

                             Optional stone top.

                             High Efficiency @ 79.2%

                             DEFRA Approved

                              Integral External Air Connection

Standard Sizes:   H 992 mm x W 482 mm x D 533 mm

Flue Diameter:   150mm

Standard Weight: 160 Kg

Maximum Log Length: 300mm

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