Charnwood SLX 20i

SLXThe SLX 20i is for room heating, delivering a stunning amount of heat. It is fully controllable with a built in thermostat regulating the heat output to the room. The model comes with the option of a small add in boiler to heat the domestic hot water

                                                       Dimension: H – 608mm, W – 548mm, D – 430mm

                                                                        Power: Min: 2kw   Max: 5.4kw

                        To Optional Boiler 2.3 Kw

                     Fuel: Wood & Smokeless Coal

                             Position: Insert

                               Finish:  Matt / Enamel

                                 Boiler: Domestic Hot Water


* vertical flue adapter * Boiler option * additional cost apply

                             Weight:  125kg