Charnwood Cove 2B

_Charnwood Cove 2 almondp This is the latest addition to the range of multi-fuel boilers from Charnwood. Based in the Cove stove it incorporates a thermostatically controlled integral boiler that can power up to 7 radiators plus domestic hot water.

It has the same clean burn air wash system and converting grate as the standard Cove, allowing for maximum flexibility and easy ash removal.



Model:                Charnwood Cove 2B

Fuel:                    Multi-Fuel

Heat Output:       Wood   2-5 kW, Nominal 4.6 kW Boiler 6.4 kW

                              Coal       2-8 kW Nominal 7.1 kW   Boiler 9.3 kW

Features:            Colours:   Black, Blue, Brown, Green Almond, Bronze, Gunmetal & Pewter.

                             Leg options: Low arch, Low arch stand,

                             Midi, Log Store,  Centre stands.                                                                                    

                              Heat Shield

                              Smoke reduction model.

                              Panel Pack (stove colours)

                              High Efficiency @ Wood 74.6 % Coal 76.3 %

                              DEFRA Approved

Standard Sizes:   H 698 mm x W 554 mm x D 389 mm

Flue Diameter:   150 mm

Standard Weight: 145 Kg

 Maximum log length: 500 mm 

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