Charnwood Country 6

ls_tvbqxbxyak1tucpjvTHE COUNTRY 6 is a twin door stove. It produces up to 6kw of heat. Features include the Cleanburn “airwash” system using preheated air for combustion purposes which ensures clean glass and reduced emissions. A large firebox with ability to burn 380mm (15″) Logs.




Model:                Charnwood Country 6

Fuel:                    Wood

Heat Output:       2- 8 kW, Nominal 6 kW                 

Features:            Colours:   Black, Blue, Brown, Green Almond, Bronze, Gunmetal & Pewter.

                             Optional Multi-fuel grate

                              Optional boiler 2.9 kW

                              Optional Heat Shield

                               Optional Clip on shelf

                               Optional Low Canopy

                                High Efficiency @ 80.5 %

                                DEFRA Approved

Standard Sizes:   H 540 mm x W 510 mm x D 363mm

Flue Diameter:   150mm

Standard Weight: 90 Kg

Maximum Log Length: 380mm

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