Aga Ellesmere 4


The smallest stove in the new range from Aga provides an ideal stove for small rooms.

Whether you are burning mineral fuels such as coal, anthracite and peat, or wood you can get a truly enjoyable heat from this impressive stove.

Model:               Aga Ellesmere 4
Fuel:                    Multi-Fuel

Heat Output:       Nominal 3.8 – 4.5 kW (Mineral Solid Fuels – Wood)               

Features:            Colours:   Black,  

                             High Efficiency @ 81.9 % for wood and 79.1 % for Coal

Standard Sizes:   H 583 mm x W 425 mm x D 415 mm

Flue Diameter:   150 mm

Weight:               120 Kg

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