Bodart and Gonay Infire 745 Scope

745 scope

The INFIRE 745 SCOPE is a panoramic corner appliance, from the left or right, from head on or from the side, it provides a generous view of the flames.

This built-in wood-burning corner fireplace with an integrated fan. Left or right model. Door opens to the left or right.

Technical Data:

Front Dimensions: 745 x 600 mm (without Frame)
782.5 x 635 mm (with 4-sided frame)
782.5 x 671 mm (with 6-sided frame)
Window Dimensions: 674 x 370 x 348 x 370 mm
Fitting Dimensions: 745 x 477 x 600 mm
Weight: 115kg
Nominal Power: 10 kW
Effective Power with Ventilation: Min; 7 kW Max 12 kW
Effective Power without Ventilation:
Flue Dimensions 200 mm
Smoke Vent Distance Back 180 mm
Opttions:- 4 or 6 side frame available
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