Bodart and Gonay Infire 600 Green Compact

600 Compact

Compact in size and low in depth (15 cm less than the other fires in the range), the new INFIRE 600 GREEN COMPACT, meets the needs of today’s properly insulated, energy-efficient homes perfectly.

Totally sealed, it is designed for a comfortable, energy-efficient home, giving all the cosiness of a genuine log fire while delivering the gentle heat needed for it to function well, but also complying with all the relevant standards.

This fitted fire with integral ventilation and (optionally) with external air intake hasw a door that opens to the left.

Technical Data:

Front Dimensions: 597 x 504 mm (with 4mm Frame)

648 x 522 mm (with 30mm 3 sided frame)

648 x 552 mm (with 30mm 4 sided frame )

Window Dimensions: 462 x 264mm

Fitting Dimensions: 600 x 360 x 503 mm

Weight: 100 kg

Nominal Power: 6 kW

Effective Power with Ventilation: Min; 3 kW Max 9 kW

Effective Power without Ventilation: Min: 3kW Max 7kW

Flue Dimensions 150 mm

Smoke Vent Distance Back 145 mm

Opttions:- 4mm (4 sided) or 30mm (3 sided) frame

–       Metallic or Screen look

–       Ventilation Kit

–       Cast Iron kit

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