Optifire 763/764 D Classic

763 - 764 D

This two-sided built in wood-burning fireplace with an optional external fan, has doors that open to the left. These can be made with flat or rounded glass giving a perfect view of the fire.

It distributes the hot air perfectly around the room thanks to the optional fan which can be directed as you like towards either side.

Technical Data:

Front Dimensions: 821 x 702mm (763) 879 x 731.5mm (764)

Window Dimensions: 632 x 462mm

Fitting Dimensions:759 x 527 x 838mm

Weight: 158 kg

Nominal Power:8 – 10 kW

Effective Power with Ventilation: Min;6 kW Max 12 kW

Effective Power without Ventilation: Min: 5 kW Max 8 kW

Flue Dimensions 200mm

Smoke Vent Distance Back mm Options:-263 mm


763D has a 30mm 3 sided frame, whereas the 764D has either a 73mm or 4mm 4 sided frame

Flat or Rounded glass panel

750 cubic metre per hour ventilation kit

Flap Kit

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