Optifire 1000 Green

1000 Green 2

With its ample proportions and high heating power take their rightful place as an essential part of life at the heart of your home

The low emissions and high heating power mean that it is ideal for environmentally-benign, energy-efficient homes.

Technical Data:

Front Dimensions: 961 x 621mm (frame 4mm), or 1029 x 640 mm (frame 30mm 3-sided)  or 1029  x 670 mm (frame 30 mm 4-sided)

Window Dimensions: 845 x 384mm

Fitting Dimensions:982 x 505 x 710mm

Weight: 150 kg

Nominal Power:11.5 – 135 kW

Effective Power with Ventilation: Min; 9 kW Max 17 kW

Effective Power without Ventilation: Min: 7 kW Max 15 kW

Flue Dimensions 200mm

Smoke Vent Distance Back mm Options:-190 mm

Efficiency >71%

CO2 Emissions <0.12%

Dust Emission (mg/N3) <16


4 or 30mm  frame.

2 Versions glazed look (screen) or metallic look

750 cubic metre per hour ventilation kit

Log Retainer

Hot Air Kit

Cast Iron Kit

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1000 Green