Design 760D Green

Design 760 D green

With its low energy kit, fully leak-proof seal and external air intake this stove will take its place as the ideal fireplace with a double sided view of the fire.

Technical Data:

Front Dimensions: 767 x 575mm (frame 4mm),

Window Dimensions: 703 x 494mm

Fitting Dimensions: 817 x 527 x 818 mm

Weight: 117 kg

Nominal Power:10- 12 kW

Effective Power with Ventilation: Min; 8 kW Max 14 kW

Effective Power without Ventilation: Min: 6 kW Max 10 kW

Flue Dimensions 200mm

Smoke Vent Distance Back mm Options:-263.5 mm

Efficiency >75%

CO2 Emissions <0.1%

Dust Emission (mg/N3) <40


Dual ventilation kit

Low energy kit.

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