Stuv 30

stuv-stove-stuv-30-in-useThere are very few stoves that have three operating modes. The Stuv 30 can be run as an open fire (with the glass partially raised), a stove with the door down, or in slumber burning. It is available as a freestanding stove in either Standard or Compact, , wall hung, inset, or as a ready to fit fireplace.

Model:                 Stuv 30

 Fuel:                     Wood

Heat Output:       5 – 12 kW, Nominal 10kW

                            (The compact version is 3 – 9 kW Nominal 8kW)              

Features:            Features:  High Top with Heat Accumulating materials,

                            Models :   Standard,  Wall Hung, Inset or as a ready to fit fireplace

                             Options:  High Top with Heat Accumulating materials,

                             Operates best with a Direct Air Feed

                             High Efficiency @ 81% as standard and 87% on the Compact 30 H

Wall Hung Standard Sizes:   H 630 mm x  W 685 mm x  D 337 mm

Flue Diameter:    150mm or 180mm depending on Flue Height

Standard Weight: 215 Kg

Maximum Log Length: 500mm, 400mm Compact, 330mm Up

Particle Emissions: 28mg/Nm

Consumption Range in wood/hour at 12% humidity, evaluated by Stuv 1.4 3.4 kg/h

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