stuv 21

scan 21 life style cropped 2The Stuv 21 can either have a single sided or double side face stove

The single face version is available either as a square or high façade as well as a number of different sizes.

Stuv was the first manufacturer to launch stoves onto the market that have a retractable glass door. This provides both heat and a convivial atmosphere. The glass door slides either fully or partially to provide a view of the flames and the crackling of the fire.

This stove is available in 8 Single Face models and 4 Double Face models. The information shown here is for the Stuv21/75 Single Face. Contact us for information on the other models.

Weight of the system 182 kg
Optimal usage range, evaluated by Stûv 8 – 11 kW
Consumption range in wood/hour at 12% humidity, evaluated by Stûv 2,5 – 3,1 kg/h
Efficiency at rated power with glass door lowered 80 %
CO emission ? 0,09 %
Particles emission (mg/Nm3), measurement method based on din + 26 mg/Nm³
Length of logs, horizontal position 50 cm
Conforms to the standard EN 13229