Stuv 16-fireplace

S16 fireplace 2S16chem_3quarts38mm_DSC2044The impressive burning and high efficiency of the
Stûv 16-fireplace the perfect solution for wood
burning, whether it’s your main source of heat, an
added extra or a decorative feature.
  • An intelligent combustion system transforms wood into heat: the Stûv 16 fireplace recovers nearly all the heat contained in the burning gases, improving performance.
  • This heat quickly warms up the room by radiation and convection.
  • Convection transfers the warmth by heating up and circulating the air; radiation transfers the heat by radiating it from the hot surfaces of the device to its immediate surroundings. The higher the temperature of the walls, the more heat the surface will produce.
  • The high temperature of the combustion chamber burns harmful particles and so reduces pollution.
Rated output from 8 to 10kW.
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combustion zone convection zone(Diagram and Pictures courtesy of Stuv)Conserving heat The chimney flue (1) is filled with hot gases much lighter than the air outside and which therefore only want to rise. We say that the chimney “draws”. The chimney in fact literally sucks up the gases produced by the stove. However, the gases and the heat that they contain must not be allowed to escape too easily up the chimney. Two devices stop this from happening :

  • At the entrance, the air required for combustion (2) can only enter the stove through a vent (3) – i.e. an adjustable opening allowing you to control the quantity of air required to obtain the desired effect.
  • At the exit, the hot gases cannot pass directly into the chimney : they have to follow a system of diverters (4), which constitute a second bottleneck.

Thanks to these bottlenecks, the heat rises within the stove, which is necessary for complete combustion to take place (greater efficiency and lower emissions).