Scan DSA 7-5

DSA_7-5_int02 One of the wide range of insert stoves from Scan that lets you put living art on the walls. As with all insert or built-in fireplaces before lighting the fire the expression is unobtrusive, but when the fire is blazing the flames create a live piece of art on the wall. The large combustion chamber of this stove enables you to use larger logs. It is available in black with a steel handle that is extended by decorative moulding.

Model:                Scan  DSA 7 – 5

Fuel:                    Wood

Heat Output:       3-9 kW, Nominal 7 kW                 

Features:            Colours:   Black, Grey

                             Fresh Air Inlet in convection channels option

                             Custom made trims

                             High Efficiency @ 78%   

                             DEFRA Approved

Standard Sizes:   H 536 mm x W 726 mm x D 367 mm

Flue Diameter:   150 mm

Standard Weight: 85 Kg

Maximum log length: 550 mm

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