Scan 65

Scan 65-4 sandsten int01

The clean simple design typical of Scan stoves, gives you a piece of furniture that will compliment the decor of any room.

The 65 is a medium sized stove that has a large glass door to proovide a great view of the flames. The door also has Scan Soft-close as standard.

Sandstone or Soapstone are seamlessly integrated into the stove to retain the purity of its expression. As the sandstone is made of compacted sand, stones and minerals. It is coloured by these components, and so the parts can vary the shading of the stone.

Model:                 Scan 65

Fuel:                     Wood

Heat Output:       3 – 8 kW,  Nominal 7 kW                

Features:             Colours:   Black paint, Grey paint, Sandstone, or Sandstone sides             

                               High Efficiency @ 82%

Standard Sizes:    H 1131 mm x  W 490mm x  D 380 mm

Flue Diameter:    150mm

Standard Weight: Scan 65-1/2   123Kg

Scan 65 -3     180 Kg

Scan 65-4      168 Kg

Maximum log length: 330 mm

Distance to combustibles:  Scan 65-1 / 3 50 mm Rear, 50mm Corner, 350 mm Sides

Scan 65-2 / 4 50 mm Rear, 250mm Corner, .500 mm Sides