Viva 120 4kw Wood Burning Stove

Viva120MAIN (2)Ultra-simple classic design stove… the ‘New’ Rais Viva 120 woodburning stove is a circular rotating stove – Simple and stylish, this wood stove has a completely smooth surface and a large glass door.

The stove has a newly developed air-cooled handle, it also has a riddle plate and an ash tray, plus it has an Air-System, making sure the combustion air is taken from the outside.

The new Viva 120 can be equipped with embedded hot stones. They weigh just under 30 kg, tand sit at the top of the stove and make the Viva keep warm for longer.

The stove can have either top or rear flue connection. This means that the Viva 120 can be freestanding in the room or placed against a wall.

RAIS Viva 120 is also available with side windows that provide views of the fire from three angles. The efficient air system keeps all the windows clean.

A unique feature is that the RAIS Viva 120 can be fitted with a swivel base so that the stove can be rotated as desired. Which produces a whole new range of ways to enjoy the stove and the flames of the fire.

The Viva woodburning stove is a DEFRA approved which means it is approved for the burning of wood in smoke controlled areas.


Nominal Output: 4kW (Min 2kW Max 6kW)
Gross Efficiency: 71.9% (79% Nett)
Fuel Type: Any dry wood based fuel
Appliance Type: Dry system
DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt: YES
Hetas Approved: YES
Area Heated @ -1°C: 60m3 (2160 FT3) Approx.
Flue Size: 150mm

Height 1223mm
Diameter 452mm
Weight 130kg

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