Rais Bionic 5KW Wood Burning Stove

Grill_Bionic_Nikkel>With the Bionic Fire, RAIS has created an extraordinary eco-friendly or, as it is called, “green” stove. Wood combustion generates different types of particulates these – in unburned condition – are not desired in the environment. By pioneering and innovative development work, RAIS has managed to develop a technology that burns practically all residual particulates. Bionic Fire’s combustion technology simultaneously ensures that wood is utilised almost completely. Thereby saving fuel and makes the stove financially advantageous for the user.

Operating Bionic Fire is very simple. You put in wood and light the fire , the stove will take care of the rest. Air control is automatic, so you do not have to regulate anything.

When a fire is lit in the top fire chamber, the smoke goes upwards as in other stoves. When the top chamber reaches the right temperature, the automatic control ensures that the draught changes leading the smoke into the bottom fire chamber. So the flames burn quietly in the top chamber and with much greater enthusiasm in the bottom one.

This reverse combustion effectively incinerates the last remaining particulates. Whilst at the same time, the long passage of the smoke through the stove results in fantastic utilisation of the fuel’s thermal energy.

It is available in two colours, each of which is a fantastic match for the black and white door.

The black as a sharp contrast to the white and in a way that really emphasises the door’s organic design to the extent possible. A nickel colour that is a new colour in Rais’ range signalling total purity and appearing to have a lavish colour depth that provides a good combination with the black and white of the door. The handle is elegantly shaped to follow the stove’s contours. The door is easy to open by means of a gentle turn of the handle. The self closing door means that when you let go of the door again, it locks automatically.


  • Nominal output 4.6 kW
  • Output (min-max) 3.5 to 5 kW
  • Heats (at 20ºC) 45 to 83 m2
  • Gross Efficiency 78.2 % (86% Nett)
  • Particulates: 0.6 g/kg


  • External dimensions 472 x 482 x 1252 mm
  • Fire chamber’s internal dimensions 280 x 200 x 300 mm
  • Flue outlet 150 mm Ø

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