Pevex Serenity 50FS

Serenity_50FS_in_roomsetThe  UK made Serenity 50FS 6kW is a large full glass windowed contemporary stove giving an impressive view of the fire burning brightly in the stove.  It has a  large capacious firebox, enabling the stove to burn either wood or solid fuel and produce a wonderful and enjoyable 6-8kW of convection and radiant heat.  Top secondary air wash and side primary air controls give beautiful control of the fire whilst tertiary air ensures complete and efficient combustion of the fuel producing very little smoke emissions.

The Serenity 50FS has built in heat exchange tubes in the firebox scrubbing the flames of further useful heat before they disappear up the chimney.  This ensures faster and more efficient heat transfer, allowing the room to warm far quicker.

Dimensions :H – 437mm, W -380mm, D – 656mm

  • Efficiency 78% wood, 80% Solid Fuel
  • Log length 40 cm
  • Finish options: Satin Black
  • Heat output (nominal): 6kW
  • Range of heat output: 6 – 8 kW
  • Flue outlet: ext. Ø 125mm
  • Weight: 85kg

Like the Serenity 40, it is also available with a log store, or a  full glass door with a log store. It also comes in a pedestal version.

98027-7__Serenity_50 LS

Serenity 50LS


Serenity 50 FW

Serenity 50

Serenity 50 Pedestal






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