Morso DB15

Morsø has been at the forefront of stove design and technology for 160 years and the launch of the DB15 is no exception. A truly functional stove capable of a whole house heating solution with the unmistakable spirit and style of Morsø

The Morsø DB15’s environmental credentials are ideal for any home striving to reduce its carbon impact. Capable of 9kW to water and 6kW to the room the DB15 is a DEFRA approved stove for use in smoke control areas.

The DB15 boiler stove is a collaboration of exceptional combustion technology and classic Morsø styling. Within its elementary steel exterior lies a primary and secondary combustion chamber designed to operate at temperatures exceeding 1000°C.

The DB15 utilises the Down Burn principle enabling remarkable clean burning and high efficiency rarely achieved in a boiler stove.

  • Efficiency 74,3%
  • Log length 30 cm
  • Finish options: black paint
  • Flue outlet: ext. Ø 159mm
  • Weight: 185 kg
  • Heat output:

Wood 5.7Kw – room,  8.8Kw – boiler,

Anthracite 5.8Kw – room & 6.3 – boiler,

Bitumous Coal 8.9Kw – room & 7.8 – boiler

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