Jydepejsen Omega


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With its round form, nice handle end door made entirely of black glass, Omega is an ultra modern wood-burning stove. Omega offers the latest market requirements and possibilities. Standard features include self-closing door and a fresh air intake option. Jydepejsen’s new automatic controls, DIR or DIC can be purchased separately.

Jydepejsen’s new automatic controls, DIR or DIC can be purchased separately.

Model:                Jydepejsen Omega 

Fuel:                    Wood

Heat Output:      3 – 8 kW, Nominal 6 kW               

Features:           DuplicAir control

                           Rotating Base Option

Dimensions      Height 1231 mm Width 490 mm Depth 490 mm

                           Combustion Chamber  Height 415 mm Width 365 mm Depth 325

Weight:             144 kg

Colour:              Black

Flue Diameter:150 mm