Ild3_int01This woodstove has large side windows that give great view to the flames. An air wash system keeps the glass free from soot and particles to prevent reduced visibility to the fire. An optional door can be fitted to the base.

Wood burning is CO2-neutral bioenergy when wood used is from sustainable sources. A clean burn stove is also cost effective because it can halve the wood consumption compared to an “old” non-cleanburn fireplace.

Range of heat output 3-8 kW

  • Efficiency 74,3%
  • Log length 30 cm
  • Finish options: black paint
  • Heat output (nominal): 6,3 kW *)
  • Range of heat output: 3-8 kW
  • Flue outlet: ext. Ø 160; inner ø 156 mm
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Accessories: Kit for external air supply and door for base.

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