rayburn_355sfw_345w_cream_200wx200h  For more than 60 years, Rayburn has been the heart  of British homes, leading the field in central heating cookers. Its iconic design, reliability and flexibility makes it simple to understand why Rayburn cookers have been so popular.

A Rayburn is a cast-iron range cooker that will make your kitchen a warm and welcoming space. The models available today benefit from the very best in boiler design and burner technologies, resulting in high levels of efficiency.

                                                      Fuel Consumption

Example from the HEATRANGER cooker range

Rayburn used intermittently, in typical winter conditions.

Supplying cooking at high fire for two hours & full central heating for 6 hours + domestic hot water.

Model 480K

20 litres / 4.5 gallons Kerosene oil

Models 480AG (CF)

192kW/hr Natural gas

Model 480AL(CF)

24 litres / 12kg Propane gas

Note: All metric / imperial conversions are approximate

Here is an introduction to their wood burning range

Rayburn Dry Logs Fuel