Everhot Frequently Asked Questions

Everhot 60How much power does an Everhot use on average?

When set at the recommended cooking temperatures the 2/3 oven cookers will consume approximately 85 units of power a week.

How does an Everhot compare to other range cookers?

The principle is very similar but Everhot ranges offer a great deal more control than the majority of other heat storage ranges – which enables the user to set exact cooking temperatures – or even to turn off part of the cooker when the rest is on. It also incorporates a grill.

Does and Everhot need annual servicing?

Regular servicing is not required, which offers you a substantial saving over the life of the product.

What sort of quarantee is offered on an Everhot?

Everhot offers a parts and labour warranty for 24 months after the purchase – although the elements are covered for 5 years (parts and labour).

Does it get too warm in the summer?

Naturally this depends on a number of factors, the size and orientation of your kitchen. In periods of very warm weather you might like to turn off one or both of the ovens in order to reduce the heat outputfrom the cooker. A lot of Everhot customers don’t have a secondary means of cooking and are happy to use their range for 12 months of the year.

How easy is it to clean?

The hotplates and ovens are always at working temperature which means any food spilt on them will carbonise and be swept away. The stainless steel sections can benefit from cleaning with lemon juice and a scouring pad. A damp cloth can be used to clean the rest of the cooker.