Chesney VB2 Bioethanol Burner

This burner has been carefully designed to simplify the conversion of existing traditional fireplaces into one that is a bioethanol fireplace.

The VB2 burner is designed to fit into a number of Chesney’s register grates. Contact us to find out more.

Each burner is supplied with a 5 litre Jerry can, a lighting rod & lighter, an operations manual and a burner lid.

 Fuel Type  Bioethanol
 Volume Capacity  2 Litres
 Heats on Average  Over 25m2
 Fuel Consumption  0.5 litres/hr
 Thermal Output Net (max.)  2.5 kw/hr – 6180 BTU
 Burning Time on Max.  6 Hours (approx.)
 Ventilation  Room cannot be less than 45m3
 Materials  Stainless steel finish in black super high temperature powdercoat