Chesney BK5 Bioethanol Burner

This sophisticated design includes a slider mechanism that means it is possible to regulate the amount of heat being generated. Whilst also having a separate filling point.

The BK5 Bioethanol Burner is designed to fit the vast majority of Chesney’s freestanding fire baskets, and baskets for dogs.
Each burner is supplied with a 5 litre Jerry can, a lighting rod & lighter, operations manual and a custom ‘top plate’ to fit a Chesney’s Fire Basket.

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 Fuel Type  Bioethanol
 Volume Capacity  5 Litres
 Heats on Average  Over 35m2
 Fuel Consumption  0.64 litres/hr
 Thermal Output Net (max.)  3.5 kw/hr – 13000 BTU
 Burning Time on Max.  7 Hours, 30 minutes (approx.)
 Ventilation  The room cannot be less than 70m3 per burner
Materials  Stainless steel