Bodart and Gonay 603 / 604


This built-in multi-fuel stove has an integrated fan with a door opening to the left.
Technical Data:
Front Dimensions: 668 x 537.5 mm (603)
668 x 574 mm (604)
Window Dimensions: 481 x 272mm
Fitting Dimensions: 600 x 420 x 504 mm
Weight: 90kg
Nominal Power: 8 kW
Effective Power with Ventilation: Min; 5 kW Max 10 kW
Effective Power without Ventilation:
Flue Dimensions 150 mm
Smoke Vent Distance Back 122 mm
Opttions:- Infire 603 has a 3-sided 39mm frame, while the 604 has a 4-sided frame.
– Cast-Iron Kit available
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