Optifire 800 Green

800 Green 2

As the pioneer of the green range, the Optifire 800 Green has been a great success since it was launched in 2009. Like the others in this range it distinguishes itself by its outstanding ecological performance, producing less than 0.02% CO2.

This means that it is ideal for environmentally-benign, energy-efficient homes.

Technical Data:

Front Dimensions: 801 x 621mm (frame 4mm), or 849 640 mm (frame 30mm 3-sided)  or 849 670 mm (frame 30 mm 4-sided)

Window Dimensions: 665 x 384mm

Fitting Dimensions:803 x 503 x 703mm

Weight: 141 kg

Nominal Power:10 – 11.5 kW

Effective Power with Ventilation: Min; 8 kW Max 15 kW

Effective Power without Ventilation: Min: 6 kW Max 13 kW

Flue Dimensions 200mm

Smoke Vent Distance Back mm Options:-190 mm

Efficiency >75.5%

CO2 Emissions <0.02%

Dust Emission (mg/N3) <63


4 or 30mm 3 or 4-sided frame.

2 Versions glazed look (screen) or metallic look

Inside reinforced with Skamolex or deco metal.

750 cubic metre per hour ventilation kit

Log Retainer

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800 Green