Pevex Inset Serenity

Serenity40The Serenity 40 and the larger Serenity 50 are inset stoves that feature modern and contemporary styling with black bordered glass window. They offer a clean burn performance and cutting edge design. They can either be mounted at hearth level or indeed in a raised wall situation then finished off with multiple frame options.

These stoves have high efficiency with Skamolex lined fire chambers, controllability and multifuel performance.

The smaller Serenity (4.5Kw) is designed to be installed into a 16″ x 22″ opening with a depth of only 13.5″ whilst the larger 50 requires a hole 21″ x 22″ and the same 13.5″ depth.

The Serenity 40 has now been recommended to DEFRA for use in smoke control areas.


Serenity 40


Serenity 50