Energy Cabins

1114153825Three-Quarter-Open-Cabin-Size-1Energy Cabins  can be quickly and easily be installed in virtually any property, from a two bedroom house all the way up to large commercial properties such as schools and hospitals.

The Energy Cabin is a one stop biomass heating solution that is delivered in one go, simply arriving on the back of a lorry and can then be set into place within a day. The Energy Cabin has many advantages, one being it is a piece of machinery that is already electrically commissioned, resulting in there not having to be lots of trades on site and crucially is a solution that can be budgeted very easily.

Simply connect the mains water, the flow and return heating pipe, add water to the system and your boiler room is away.

It really is that simple.

They are available in 4 different sizes to suit your needs and requirements and can even be clad in an insulated composite material, as well as offering a range of colours to suit your taste and location and run on logs, wood chips or wood pellets.

Configuration and features

The  Biomass Energy Cabin is a heating solution suitable for wood chip, shaving, pellet and log wood heating systems. Due to its modular design, this cabin can provide heating capacities from 15kW-950kW. An external heating structure is especially useful for clients looking for a flexible heating solution or where there is no adequate space for a modern wood heating system installation. The energy cabin is designed for use with all HDG heating boilers. Therefore, clients using log wood boilers can also make use of the practical boiler room.

The Biomass Energy solution is also an ideal boiler room for automatic wood heating systems. All models of the HDG Compact, K and R series biomass boilers along with the SHT TDA and PNA boilers can be installed in the energy cabin and all are RHI eligible.

The Energy Cabin Range

The energy cabin range includes 4 sizes ranging from single to multiple boiler applications.

Size 1 range is suitable for small domestic and light commercial heating applications. The cabin is supplied with a pitched roof.


Size 2 range is suitable for large domestic and light commercial heating applications. The cabin has a heavy substructure construction to withstand heavy boiler and accumulator loading.


Size 3 range is suitable for larger domestic and commercial heating applications where the HDG Compact  25-80 range of wood pellet boilers will provide the suitable heat demand. Also suitable for the HDG Compact 100-200 wood chip boilers with an external fuel store.


Size 4 range is suitable for very large domestic and mid size commercial heating applications, where the HDG Compact 100-200 range of wood pellet boilers will provide the suitable heat demand.

The Energy Cabin size 4 is purposely designed for linking together to create one large power source of up to almost 1 mega watt (1000 kW). This cascade system offers huge energy and fuel savings over a single large boiler.